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Can Canva Make SVG Files? Find Out Now! We Tested 2 Designs.

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Can canva make svg files

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Can Canva Make SVG Files? Exploring the Possibilities


Canva has undoubtedly become a household name in the world of graphic design and content creation. This versatile online platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to individuals with varying levels of design experience. While Canva has a plethora of features for creating stunning visuals, one question frequently asked by users is whether Canva can produce SVG files. In this article, we will delve into the capabilities of Canva when it comes to generating SVG files, and how you can make the most of this popular tool for vector graphics.

Understanding SVG Files

Before diving into Canva’s capabilities, let’s clarify what SVG files are. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Unlike raster image formats like JPEG or PNG, SVG is a vector file format. This means that SVG files store images as a set of mathematical instructions that define lines, curves, shapes, and colors. As a result, SVG files are infinitely scalable without loss of quality, making them perfect for logos, icons, and illustrations.

Canva’s SVG Features

Canva offers a range of features for creating visuals, but its SVG capabilities are somewhat limited compared to dedicated vector graphics software like Adobe Illustrator. Here’s what Canva can do with SVG files:

  1. Importing SVG Files: Canva allows you to import SVG files into your designs. This is a useful feature if you have pre-designed SVG graphics or icons that you want to incorporate into your Canva projects. To import an SVG file, click on the “Uploads” tab, select your SVG file, and drag it onto your canvas.
  2. Editing SVG Elements: Once imported, you can edit individual elements of SVG files in Canva. This includes changing colors, resizing, and repositioning elements. However, the extent of editing you can perform in Canva is more limited compared to specialized vector editing software.
  3. Exporting SVG Files: Canva does allow you to export your designs as SVG files. To do this, click the “Download” button, choose the SVG file format, and then click “Download” again. This is handy if you want to use your Canva designs on websites or applications that require SVG format.
  4. Creating Basic Vector Graphics: While Canva is primarily known for its ease of use, it also provides some basic vector drawing tools. You can create shapes, lines, and text in vector format. These elements can be incorporated into your designs and exported as SVG files.
  5. Limited Vector Editing: Canva offers a limited set of vector editing tools, such as the ability to adjust node positions on shapes. However, for more advanced vector editing, you might find dedicated vector software like Adobe Illustrator more suitable.

Can Canva Make SVG Files: Our Test!

Ok let’s find out once and for all: Can Canva make SVG files? First of all you need Canva Pro to download SVG’s. So that is the first barrier…

I did discover that Canva has a large selection of pre-made T-shirt designs to choose from which is cool. But once again, most of the good designs are available to Canva Pro subscribers only.

Now for the test! I downloaded 2 designs. First up is a black and white design I made using free elements from Canva. Click the share button in the upper right hand corner to export the design.

Then click Download.

Then choose SVG as the file type.

And download your SVG! After this I went straight to Cricut Design Space to find out if the SVG would work! And….

Drum Roll Please.

It didn’t… Wamp Wamp. As you can see here, the dinosaur image is a black square. The text turned out OK though. Now Time for Round 2! I downloaded the 2 layered text design and Voila! It worked like a charm. It had a purple and white background layer that I had to delete but after that, the design was ready to cut. Unfortunately the yellow shadow was just the entire letter behind the red letter, instead of just the shadow being cut out, but that is personal preference I suppose.

I inspected the Canva files after the test and made an important discovery. The dinosaur picture I had used looked like a solid shape, but it was not customizable. As you can see there is no option to change the color of the dinosaur in Canva. The letter design however, had customizable color options! This means that when you are creating a design in Canva that you want to turn into an SVG, you need to choose elements that have customizable color options. These elements are most likely vector elements which translate easily into SVG.

So if you want to use canva to create SVG’s remember that tip!

Can Canva Make SVG Files? Conclusion

Canva can be used to create and export SVG designs. However design of the SVG is limited to elements within the Canva library with custom color options, and text. Also you will be required to pay the pro price to use the SVG export feature.

Canva can indeed handle SVG files, offering a range of features for both importing and exporting them. While it’s a fantastic tool for creating various visuals, it’s essential to recognize that Canva’s SVG capabilities are somewhat limited compared to dedicated vector editing software. For basic tasks and simple vector graphics, Canva is an excellent choice. Still, if you require extensive vector editing or intricate designs, you may want to consider using specialized software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. I hope this answers your question: Can Canva Make SVG Files?

Or if you want pre-made free SVG files get them here!

In summary, Canva is a versatile platform that can work with SVG files, but its strengths lie more in its user-friendly interface and the ability to quickly create visually appealing content. For complex vector graphics, professional designers may need to look elsewhere, but Canva remains an excellent choice for many design needs.

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